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Home School P.E.

Physical Education is not just about sport.  It is about learning how to use your body to accomplish task orientated goals.  That doesn't sound like fun, but when you mix it with skill based learning, competitions, an introductions to sports and techniques from around the world, then you have Connect P.E. This program was founded by a certified P.E teacher and coach educator who was displeased with the lack of engaging physical education programs in schools.  Thats why we provide P.E., athletics and sports programs to schools in three states.


Decision making is the focus on our P.E. programs as behavior determines your outcome.  Being a homeschool student requires a different type of behavior than students in the school system.  That's why we build our program around the students and we can bring that program to you

Alternatively, we can host AND teach your P.E. class.  As we partner with schools, churches and recreation departments, we have access to a gymnasium, field and tennis courts to run our programs from.


Connect Sports was designed to be an inclusive program to help students learn movement, mobility within a sports environment that includes over 20 conventional sports and some non-conventional sports like Foobaskill.  This approach helps children develop within a sports framework that they choose to pursue.  We also believe that late children should not specialize in any one sport until college.  Playing multiple sports will allow them to reduce the chance of injury and burn out.  

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