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PROGRAMS 2022-2023


Summer 2023

This summer program will provide your camper the opportunity to sample lots of sports and activities from all over the world.  We will play nerf and net games, hitting games and striking games following sports:

Golf; Tennis; Cricket;  Volleyball, Pickleball; Ultimate Frisbee, Disc Golf Tennis, Badminton,Hockey, Futsal, Soccer & Baseball, NERF Fortnite.

Summer Schedule:

June 5th-8th 9am-12pm (Ages 6-13)

June 26th-29th 9am-12pm (Ages 6-13)

July 10th-13th 9am-12pm (Ages 6-13)

Register through Coweta Parks and Recreation


NERF FORTnite summer 2023

These one-day evenings events will provide your child the opportunity to sample lots of e-sports games as an active event.  We will play games based on: Fortnite squads, duo's, teams, Among Us, Infinity Wars, and recreate real-life battles such as D-day, Dunkirk etc. Summer Schedule:

June 2nd- 10am-2pm (Ages 7-14)

June 9th- 10am-2pm (Ages 7-14)

July 14th- 10am-2pm (Ages 7-14)

Register through Coweta Parks and Recreation

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Summer 2023
Lil' Baller futsal

Our Lil' Baller's Futsal summer camps is back! Coach Alan  will teach the game of futsal through fun games and challenges.  3 and 4 year olds will learn and improve their skills without realizing because they are having so much fun.

Summer Camp

June 5th-8th 5:30pm-7pm (Ages 3-4)

July 10th-13th 5:30pm-7pm (Ages 3-4)

Register through Coweta Parks and Recreation

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