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Tech Charter School

Welcome to Connect @ Liberty Tech Charter School. We are LTCS' choice for:


  • P.E. & after-school programming. We provide engaging after school activities such as Connect Sports, STEM, C3, Art and leadership programs.  

  • Weekly elective classes such as dance, Lego-STEAM, Martial Arts, Tennis, Pottery, Soccer and many other options.

  • We normally provide morning fitness club and early morning care (Not offered currently due to COVID guidelines set-up by the school)


For more information on the after school & PE program , please scroll down.


Each family is required to register in the program before reserving after care or before care.​  This helps us capture contact information, create a check-in/check-out card, assign pick-up and rates.​

This will open up registration to all our programs.

After Care

We offer a daily and weekly rates for families that need care for one or a few days.  We offer sibling discounts and families can save up to $20 if they register for the week compared to the daily rate.

If you register after 2:00 PM on the day you need care, there is a $5 late fee

Morning Care

We offer early morning care from 7:00 - 7:30AM.  Families that work early, can register for the day or week for early morning care.


There are huge discounts for families that use after school as well as morning care.  Register in advance to get the lowest rate. rates start as low as $3 a day.

Elective Programs

We offer specialty classes once a week for 8 - 12 weeks for families who want expert teaching as well as convenience.  Options such as Jujutsu, Dance (Ballet/Jazz) 

Tennis, Pottery, Snapology (Lego STEM) and soccer.

All of these classes are from 4:00 - 5:00 PM but kids come straight to us at the end of the school day.

Complete Annual Registration to get access to all other programs below.
Via Annual Registration
Fee & Schedule Information (PDF)
Registration Directions (PDF)
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